Melanie Zettler
Senior Producer

Melanie Zettler is an award-winning journalist with more than two decades of television news experience. She is a versatile storyteller who covers daily news, politics, pop culture, lifestyle, the arts and feature profiles.

A fan of the concept “go big or go home,” her first-ever on-camera story for Global’s “Kidsbeat” in the late 1990s had her parachute out of a plane from several thousand feet (her idea). Since then, most of her stories have been land-based. Whether she is in front of the camera or producing behind the scenes, Melanie looks to engage viewers by showcasing interesting storylines, strong visuals and human emotion.

Melanie thrives on the art of creative, visual storytelling. As a proud Torontonian (born and raised), she has celebrated her city and home province through signature series segments including “Our Town” and “YYZ Why?” — both focused on exploring the surroundings and history of urban and rural places.

As lead producer on Global Toronto’s provincial and federal election “road shows,” she tackles main election themes by telling stories that explain how big issues impact everyday people. Her work on municipal-level stories, like her three-part series on Toronto’s recycling problems, helps to shine a light on current challenges while offering solutions.

When Melanie isn’t interviewing people for work, she can’t help asking questions, searching for answers and getting to know people in her spare time — often in the presence of her husband and their three children.


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