Abigail Turner
Global News Reporter

Born and raised in rural Manitoba, Abigail Turner has always been a proud Prairie girl. Since graduating college in 2017 in Westman, Abigail has been eager to pave her path in news by helping to share stories that mean most to Manitobans.

Abigail began her career with an internship at Global News Saskatoon, which she credits for kick-starting her career. She made the move back to Manitoba to work as a reporter and host at City News.

Abigail made the move to Global Winnipeg in 2018. She spent more than three years working on the Morning Show as a reporter and producer, where she quickly learned coffee is her favourite beverage. Now she is a video journalist for the 6 p.m. news.

When she’s not chasing stories, you can find her driving out to Riding Mountain National Park to spend her free time on Clear Lake at her family’s cabin.

Abigail can be reached at


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