10 ways to relax in your backyard this summer

Decor ideas that will help you unwind and make the most of your outdoor space. (Getty/File)

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When the warmer weather begins in Canada, we want to spend as much time outside as possible. That means lots of backyard chillouts, hangouts and parties. But if your backyard is a bit lacklustre, it can feel uninviting and even unenjoyable to be in.

Make the very most of your outdoor space with these home accessories that can help create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. In no time, you will turn your backyard from drab to the most favourite space in your home.


Want to zen out in a hammock but don’t have trees in your backyard? No problem. Enter the easy-to-assemble hammock with a stand that will have you swinging and swaying to your heart’s content. Bonus: Comes with a handy drink and book holder on the side.
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As much as we love the sun, sometimes the UV rays can get intense and we need to cool down under some shade. No unshaded backyard should be without a large umbrella to provide some sun-protected rest and relaxation. This sturdy umbrella is rust-, UV- and water-resistant and can provide shading for up to six people.


The advantages to jute is that it’s naturally heat resistant so it can better protect sensitive feet or paws than other sun-soaked rugs. Rectangle rug not fit your decor? This outdoor rug is also available in other shapes and sizes.


Be sure to add some durable, water-resistant and comfy throw pillows to your outdoor seating. It will make all the difference for long lounges and outdoor naps. Also available in a wide array of gorgeous colours including blue tones, tropical shades and more.
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A backyard oasis isn’t complete with comfy footstools and ottomans to put the feet up and really sink into your seating. Fade-proof and water-resistant, this lightweight and versatile footrest can also double as extra seating. Available in 11 different colours.


Creating a calming atmosphere is all about pleasuring the senses, and there’s nothing quite like the gentle sounds of wind chimes that has us relaxing instantly.
More Recommendations


Recreate the pleasant sounds of a babbling brook with this lovely waterfall container garden that will help buffer out any unwanted noise. Design your aquagarden to your liking using a variety of plants, stones and even live fish!
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For those who don’t live in a location that allows an open fire pit, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of chopping wood, this tabletop fire pit is a wonderful option that works double-duty. It helps create cozy summer night ambiance and you can use it make smores on, too!


For those warm summer nights when you want to admire the night sky and keep the tunes playing into the wee hours, these flexible solar-powered garden lights will make a lovely addition to your backyard decor. They emulate the look of fireflies and help light up the pathway.


There is something about paper lanterns that add a bit of magic to an outdoor space. It’s an easy and affordable way to add a touch of whimsy and softness to an evening soirée.
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