Our top 5 Amazon deals of the week

Here are our favourite Amazon deals up for grabs this week.

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Read on for our top five deals of the week from Amazon Canada. Save big on Kitsch, Utopia and more coveted brand items.


Create voluminous, heat-free curls with these silky satin headbands by Kitsch. Ideal for all hair types, it offers gorgeous overnight curls without damage. Perfect for teens and adults alike.


Keep towels warm and cozy around the clock. Even heating ensures no cold spots, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience. Perfect for quick showers or long, relaxing soaks.
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Organize and save space with packing cubes of multiple sizes. Perfect for travel, they prevent misplaced items and maximize luggage space. Fits carry-ons, totes, backpacks and more.
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These decorative throw pillows are perfect for couches, bedrooms and more. Choose your perfect size for the perfect cozy vibe.


From weddings to date night, elevate any outfit with these nude wedge heels. Made of suede with a stylish buckle closure, they offer elegance and comfort.
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