18 amazing deals on pet stuff, just in time for Pet Month

Celebrate National Pet Month in style with these Amazon deals.

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May is National Pet Month, and what better way for pet parents to celebrate than with a few new pet product additions to their fur baby’s collection? From food and treats to toys and training tools, here are 18 purrfect Amazon deals happening right now.

Is your cat obsessed with running water? Of course he is; he’s a cat. That’s why this cute but feline-friendly water fountain is a hit, with more than 43,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Small streams of water trickle via three different settings. Water flows from the central flower and into small wells below the petals, allowing your pet to drink whether the machine is on or off.


Sometimes, you need to go away overnight, or you have a long day at work, and your dogs or cats will unfortunately be alone for an extended period. While it’s always a good idea to have someone check in on them, having an automatic feeder is also handy. This battery-operated one includes five one-cup slots, a secure latching lid, and a timer so that you can make sure your fur baby is fed precisely on schedule.
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Dogs and cats shed, no matter what type of coat they’ve got. That’s why brushing them is important — it keeps all that fur in check, adds a nice shine to their coat, and often just feels good. The FURminator is a favourite thanks to its curved edge and stainless steel bristles, designed to reach through the topcoat to safely remove loose undercoat hair.


Not all dogs can chew rawhide treats, but most dogs without allergies (no matter what the breed or size) seem to like peanut butter. These highly digestible, rawhide-free peanut butter bones are fun for dogs to chew and include nutritious ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, and carrots.


Cats seem to have a golden rule regarding their favourite treats: the stinkier, the better. Chicken and liver combine for a unique scent that cats love. These tubes are a creamy cat treat alternative with no fillers or preservatives. Use them as a handheld treat or a food topper.
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Dogs poop, and it’s your job to pick it up. These are just facts. But what you pick that poop up with matters. These durable and leakproof bags feature 65 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic and are B Corp Certified, which means they meet social and environmental standards. They’re also lavender scented, which helps mask some of that smell during longer walks with no garbage cans.


Accidents happen, particularly when you’ve got pets. Whether your dog had an accident or the cat coughed up another hairball, you want a pet-safe cleaning formula. Nature’s Miracle is tough on stains and odour, safe for pets when used properly, and works on various surfaces.


It’s tick season, and pet parents know how quickly dog fur attracts those unwanted critters. This value pack is less than eight bucks and includes three hooks to safely and efficiently remove ticks from pet skin. It also consists of a tick identification card to inform you of what you’re dealing with.
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Trimming a dog’s nails can be intimidating, but with the right tools, you don’t need to take Fido to get a professional trim every month. This clipper and trimmer set comes in various sizes for different breeds, and the clippers include a safety guard to avoid over-cutting. The best part is you can also use them on other household pets, like cats, rabbits, and birds.


Road trips are a summer staple, and no dog likes to be left behind. Unfortunately, no pet parent wants to deal with muddy or fur-lined car seats, either. Protect your car from scratches and messes with a basic waterproof car bench cover. Throw it down for a stress-free ride then easily remove it when not in use.


Animals prefer lounging on a pillow; it’s pretty much proven. So, having a few pet beds around the house ensures that fur babies can lounge or sunbathe in various areas throughout the day. This particular pillow comes in several sizes to suit different-sized pets, includes a slip-free bottom, and features a donut design for maximum comfort.
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Getting your pet to take their pills can be a chore. Those puppies are intelligent and know how to eat around what they don’t like. That’s why a pill pocket comes in handy — it’s so tasty your dog doesn’t know there’s something extra good for them inside. Greenies come in three flavours (chicken, peanut butter and hickory) and include a groove to slip medicine in unnoticed.


Sometimes, walks with pets are much more enjoyable when you can go hands-free. However, leashing your dog to your waist is also a great way to train them around the house. This hands-free dog leash is handy for both situations. It’s designed with shock absorbers to reduce tugging and reflective threading for nighttime safety, plus it comes in four different colours. There’s also a removable zipper pouch to stash poop bags, keys or your phone.


If you’re considering switching your cat to a raw food diet, Stella & Chewy’s has an entire line of protein-based, freeze-dried raw food approved by cats (and cat owners). The easy-to-digest formula is suitable for all life stages and can be a good solution for felines with allergies or stomach issues.
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Some dogs may also benefit from a raw food diet, which is why Stella & Chewy also offers a line of freeze-dried raw dog dinners. These dinner patties are the No. 1 seller in their category and are made of whole prey ingredients, like beef, organs, and bones.


Cats don’t love it when you brush their teeth, which is why pet owners love treats designed to help with their fur baby’s dental experience. These oven-roasted chicken treats are a favourite with more than 14,000 positive reviews, and they contain no artificial flavours, preservatives or fillers.


Dogs get anxious just like we do, whether it’s separation anxiety, crate anxiety, or something else entirely. If your fur baby needs some comfort, this beloved tool has been soothing pups since 1997. It’s designed to reduce negative behaviours like barking and whining with its “real-feel” heartbeat and included heat packs.
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This interactive toy is great for helping dogs to focus and alleviates boredom and anxiety. Can your pup solve the puzzles to uncover the treats? Part of the fun is finding out. Meanwhile, this toy is dishwasher safe, made with toxic-free materials, and is also a hit with some cats.



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