These 6 pimple patches work wonders on my acne spots

Meet your new favourite pimple treatment.

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From small, raised bumps and unsightly whiteheads to blistering hormonal zits—when it comes to acne, I’ve experienced it all. “You’ll grow out of it!” they said. I never did. As an almost-thirty-year-old still battling blemishes on a daily basis, my journey feels far from over.

And I’m not alone: According to the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, adult acne affects up to 22 per cent of Canadian women. No matter the cause—clogged pores, stress, genetics—breakouts are a true confidence killer. Sure, strategically swept bangs and concealer can help hide imperfections, but redness and pustules still persist.

Insert: pimple patches, my new favourite spot treatment for minimizing breakouts. Harnessing the power of hydrocolloids, they act as a moisture barrier, extracting impurities while shielding skin from dirt and bacteria. A powerful defense against flare-ups, they’re also discreet enough to wear under makeup. It’s a wonder how I made it this far without them.

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Read on for six exceptional pimple patches that have become essential in my pursuit of a clearer complexion.


Best overall

Exceeding all others in pimple-absorbing prowess, these award-winning patches are truly wow-worthy. Designed with a matte finish, they’re virtually invisible. In fact, I once lasted through an entire dinner party without a single mention of a sticker on my face. After only six hours, my whiteheads miraculously vanished.

Key ingredients: Vegan hydrocolloid  |  Best for: Shrinking pesky whiteheads in a pinch.


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Best ingredients

Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots
Containing a powerful blend of salicylic acid, tea tree oil and retinol, these potent healing dots keep clogged pores and inflamed skin at bay. While I find these pimple patches to be slightly more noticeable than the rest, they do an impressive job at reducing blemishes to the point of no return. Even my redness disappeared.

Key ingredients: Hydrocolloid, salicylic acid, retinol and aloe vera leaf extract  |  Best for: Penetrating pores and targeting blackheads.


Best overnight

Since these patches are on the thicker side, I prefer to use them overnight. Rest assured, they seriously stay put, even through tossing and turning. Come morning, they’re just as effortless to remove as they were to apply.
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Key ingredients: Hydrocolloid  |  Best for: Calming inflamed breakouts overnight.


Best aesthetic

More Recommendations
These adorably colourful patches make acne treatment exciting. Both pleasing to the eye and the skin, the unique star shape hugs difficult contours of the face like the corners of the nose, but I like to use them all over because…how cute? Plus, they come conveniently packaged in a delightful compact complete with a mirror, perfect for on-the-go treatment.

Key ingredients: Hydrocolloid  |  Best for: Pimples in difficult-to-reach areas.


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Best discreet

Not only are these invisible spot covers hypoallergenic, but they are also designed with tapered edges and a clear, matte finish that seamlessly blends in with all skin tones. Wearing these in public feels effortless, and I love that the pack of 48 comes with two different sized patches, leaving no blemish untreated.

Key ingredients: Hydrocolloid  |  Best for: Invisible treatment of on-the-surface spots.


Best value

Equipped with a whopping 120 pimple patches that are small, medium and large in size, this pack is the best bang for your buck. They work like a dream, swiftly removing pimple gunk in just six to eight hours. If you’re a pimple patch devotee, you’ll want to stock up on these babies before they sell out.
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Key ingredients:  Hydrocolloid and tea tree oil  |  Best for: Pimple patch devotees.

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