Pickleball curious? Here’s what you need to get started

Here are a few items you can consider investing in to help your career as an amateur pickleballer. (Getty/File)

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Long-time pickleball watcher but first-time player? If so, maybe you’re wondering how to get started playing this popular sport. “The best way is by taking a lesson or clinic and having someone teach you about the proper technique,” says Spencer Janes. Janes would know, as the co-owner of The Jar Pickleball Club in Toronto, a new facility for pickleballers in the city.

From there, he suggests looking for similarly skilled players to play with. “If you’re a beginner and you step on a court with advanced players smashing the ball at you constantly, you’re not going to grow,” he says.

If you’re also feeling a little unequipped to play this season, here are a few items you can consider investing in to help your career as an amateur pickleballer.


A good set of paddles is the very basic you want to have to play this sport, and this best-selling set (which comes with a backpack) has lightweight paddles that are easy to hold. One reviewer even described them as “non-slippy.”
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If you’re still new to pickleball and would like to get some driveway practice time, this set includes paddles, balls (indoor/outdoor) and a waterproof carrying bag to cover all your basic game needs. The set is a good fit for newbies or intermediate players.


While you love pickleball, maybe you’re also a fan of racquet sports in general. If so, this set that’s quick to put together comes with all you need for a game of pickleball but also tennis, badminton and even the non-racquet sport of volleyball.


This portable more affordable net meets official pickleball guidelines and reviewers like that it’s easy to assemble.
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Pickleball is fun but what about 4 square pickleball? While this net converts to a regular pickleball net, you can also switch things up to play the offshoot game of 4 square pickleball.


Janes says learning the game and particularly the strategy of the game is key to enjoying the sport and while a lesson is likely the best way to get started, a little light pickleball-themed reading on the side could help your game.


More Recommendations
This desktop version of the game, which includes a mat, a one-inch pickleball, a three-inch tall net and two mini racquets, is a cute gift idea for the gamer in your life. It also comes with a 32-page book on the sport’s rules, history, and even trivia. Pre-order your kit now – it’s available early May.
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If your back doesn’t love bending over to pick up balls that got past you, this handy retriever attaches to your racquet and will help give you a bit more reach to avoid the full bend.


Can’t hurt sometimes to have some extra balls around and these, which are USA Pickleball-approved, come in a three, 12 or 100 pack even in three colors (yellow, pink, and ember).


This stylish sling-style bag can be home to racquets, balls, water bottles, and more when you’re headed to a game. Much like a baseball bag, it also comes with a small hook to hang onto the fence and keep it off the ground.
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Want to show off just how much you love the game of pickleball? These cute insulated drink cozies are a statement accessory to tuck your energy drink into courtside or a beer post-game at home.
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