Hosting an Oscars party? Be sure to stock up on these essentials

These tips and accessories will surely land you the golden statue for the host with the most. (Getty/File)

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It’s the biggest night in Hollywood, whether you’re a seasoned film buff or someone looking forward to the next big action thriller or romcom. There’s something magical about going to the movies, but there’s an even more magical feeling in celebrating the best films of the year.

Even if you haven’t watched all the nominated movies in 2024, you’ll know which ones to add to your watchlist after March 10’s Academy Awards. Having people over for the big event? These tips and accessories will surely land you the golden statue for the host with the most.

Craft the theme

You’re inviting your friends into Hollywood for the night, so why not recreate those Hollywood vibes to get everyone in the spirit? Adorn the wall with stars or glittery banners, print posters of old Hollywood greats, or get everyone to dress up as though they’re attending the event. However you set the tone, remember to have fun.

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These curtains add a snazzy feel to an Oscars-themed photo wall, or they can hang over the doorway to your viewing room for some bonus ambiance. They’re fancy enough to set the mood, but feel free to reuse them throughout the year for birthday parties or on New Year’s Eve.


If you want to make guests feel special, bust out the red carpet. This runner comes in two sizes and is lightweight enough for easy transport. Invest in one now for the Academy Awards, and you could get creative in how you use it at parties for years to come.


These Hollywood Walk of Fame cut-outs are perfectly on-theme, but you could also break out a black Sharpie and write your guests’ names on them for a little extra glamour.
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This is a recognizable prop that you can use in several fun ways. For example, it would make for a fun accessory to a photo wall or as a centerpiece to your snack table. You could even put it at the front door with a customized greeting for guests.


Make some movie magic snacks

Any good party will have some themed snacks and sweets, so be sure to come up with a few appropriate offerings. Perhaps you want to serve cold shrimp “on the Barbie” in honour of Greta Gerwig’s blockbuster film. Or maybe you’ll whip up some cheese bombs in anticipation of Oppenheimer’s many wins. You could even assign a movie to each guest and see what creative potluck offerings they come up with.


Bites look better when served on marble, don’t they? Especially on this marble tray, which comes with gold handles. Use it to serve cheese cubes or slices for an extra elegant feel.
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Whether you’re putting out a fruit tray, some cheese, or anything else that would be weird to pick up with your hands or a fork, these classy cocktail picks come in handy. Each wood toothpick features a fake pearl on top, giving old-school Hollywood with every bite.


Part of the fun of going to the movies is grabbing some candy, so another way to get into the spirit of the Oscars is to set up a candy station or bar. These crystal jars have lids to keep things fresh, and they feel slightly more sophisticated than your typical mason jars or containers.


The most recognizable part of any movie experience is, of course, the popcorn. So why not elevate the experience with your own popcorn machine? These machines make enough for a small group and give an authentic theatre smell to your space, but they also come in handy for other movie nights or gatherings throughout the year.
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Old Hollywood drinks

You’ll need a good selection of drinks to go with your viewing party, whether you plan on serving regular pop and juice, mocktails or alcoholic beverages. Whatever you have for guests to drink, make it more fun by serving those beverages in some old-time Hollywood vessels.


These etched water glasses add instant elegance to whatever you put inside them. They look great but are also BPA and lead-free, made from heavy-duty glass, and can be put in the dishwasher.


Sparkling wine, juice or water is another fun party offering, especially when you serve it in retro champagne flutes. This four-pack is pretty, reasonably priced and highly rated — according to reviewers, the glass is sturdy and won’t easily break.
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Hand out your own awards

There are many ways to get the crowd interactive on Oscars night, regardless of their movie knowledge. You could hand out ballots before the big show and have a prize for whoever guesses the most wins. Or, have friends vote on who they think should win in each category to see what your group collectively thinks. Another easy way to get in the spirit is to hand out your own Oscars to everyone who shows up.


These statues come with blank bases, so you could quickly fill out labels and stick them on for customized wins.


It’s nice to give out prizes to winners, but it’s also nice to recognize whoever comes in last. Get creative with that prize with a can of SPAM or this idea: a plush Oscar the Grouch. It’s cute, it’s on theme, and it’s guaranteed to make any sore loser smile.
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