Make taxes simple with these 5 top software picks

If you choose to file your own taxes this year, there are lots of easy-to-use software options available.

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Tax season can be stressful as you start digging through paperwork and sifting through emails looking for all relevant paperwork. And once you have everything compiled, the real work starts. If you choose to file your own taxes this year, there are lots of easy-to-use software options available.

Here are Canada Revenue Agency’s certified software options. For a full list, visit this CRA site. If you’re using software from an earlier year, your software must be certified by NETFILE every year.


File up to 8 returns with the Turbo Tax Standard software package. Turbo tax automatically searches over 400 credits and deductions to help you maximize your refund. It comes with step-by-step instructions and access to online support. It’s also Netfile certified so you can send your return to the CRA directly.
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This package includes 4 returns (plus an additional 4 returns for modest taxpayers). This model is suitable for all types of returns, including small businesses and rental properties. Email support is also available.


The Premier edition will let you file up to 12 returns. It’s also suited for returns with investment and rental property income.
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This combo package will allow you to file personal and business taxes. It will also help you maximize your deductions and help figure out what expenses you’re eligible to claim. You can file up to 12 returns with this package.
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An upgrade from the H&R Block Premier model, this version allows for additional benefits covering self-employment, ridesharing, online sales, consulting, freelancing and more.


There are also a number of free or pay what you can options. The CRA lists those option here.


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