Products to keep your dog happy and warm this winter

With these simple comforts, your pet can sail through winter with joy and warmth.

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As temperatures drop, navigating icy walks becomes a challenge. If you’re hesitant about outdoor adventures with your pup, chief veterinary officer at the Toronto Humane Society offers expert tips. You can also explore a range of products, including heated beds for cozy nights and stylish jackets for chilly walks, to ensure your furry companions not only endure but thrive in the cold. Our curated list of simple comforts guarantees a happy and healthy winter for your four-legged friends.

Cozy up your pet’s sleeping spot with these heated beds. They’re like a warm hug for chilly evenings, providing a snuggly haven for your furry friend to curl up in.
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Keep your pets looking sharp on winter walks with these insulated jackets. Not only do they fend off the cold, but they also make your pet the trendsetter of the neighborhood.


Say goodbye to slips and cold paws with these anti-slip boots. Easy to put on and comfy to wear, they’re like winter boots for your pet, ensuring every stroll is a joy.
Show your pet’s paws some love with this paw balm. It’s like a spa treatment for their feet, keeping them soft and protected from the winter chill.
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Designed to shield paw pads from extreme weather, this moisturizing balm offers a natural and non-toxic formula, ensuring it’s safe even if your furry friend decides to give it a lick.


Beware of snowballs forming on your dog’s feet during snowy walks. Keep their paws trimmed to minimize snow build-up. This option, featuring two speed settings and a small tip, allows precise grooming between the pads.


Throw these blankets on your pet’s favorite spot, be it the couch or their bed. Soft and warm, they’re an open invitation for your pet to snuggle in and enjoy some quality nap time.
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After outdoor escapades, keep your car seats clean with these covers. They’re a breeze to clean, saving you from the hassle of muddy paw prints and pet hair.


Amp up your pet’s visibility during evening walks with reflective accessories. It’s like a mini fashion show that keeps your pet safe and seen.
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Make icy driveways pet-safe with this eco-friendly ice melt. It ensures your pet’s paws stay happy without harming the environment.
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For indoor-loving pets, bring a bit of nature inside with this pet grass. It’s like having a patch of the outdoors without venturing into the cold.


Keep winter boredom at bay with these dental chews. They’re not just tasty; they also keep your dog’s teeth healthy and their jaws busy.


Turn playtime into a treat-fest with these interactive dispensers. It’s a game that rewards your pet with treats, making indoor playtime both mentally stimulating and delicious.
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