Kingston art exhibit aims to shed light on African Sculptors

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Gunguo Art & History Farm
Kingston Art farm hopes to shed light on sculptors from Africa – May 22, 2023

Co-owner of Gunguo Art & History Farm, Gillian Kupakuwana-Suk, grew up in Zimbabwe and while a piece by artist Gift Tembo may have been her first purchase, it was definitely not the last one.

“The concept really began out of a love of African sculpture”

She says that love led to the creation of a residency in Zimbabwe that allowed sculptors to learn from one another.

“Once we start accumulating, we started to realize we needed to make this sustainable, we need to be able to have these artists actually sustain their lives and have livelihoods that are dignified”

And from that realization, Kupakuwana-Suk and her husband William Suk decided to open the Gunguo Art & History Farm in Glenburnie.

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Visitors take a walking trail to view the sculptures, and while the gallery features over one hundred pieces from artists across Zimbabwe, one name, Stanley Mutanga, appears more frequently than the rest. Mutanga is an artist Suk says will be joining the exhibition this summer

“He will be giving demonstrations of how to carve. He’ll actually be making art while he’s here so people can see and understand how that works”

In the meantime, people are encouraged to make the drive out to enjoy the space and appreciate the art while being surrounded by nature.

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