How to stay consistent with New Year resolutions

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Staying consistent with new year resolutions
The new year is here and many southern Albertans are looking to start 2023 off on the right foot. Jaclyn Kucey takes a closer look at setting "realistic" resolutions and how to stick to them this year. – Jan 2, 2023

A new year brings new opportunities to hit those resolutions in health, finances or education.

If you’re looking to stay consistent, Cindy Rendall, owner of Untethered Hearts Counselling, said the key to success is making micro-goals.

“(Ask yourself) how do I just take a little step towards what I want to be different?” Rendall said.

According to Rendall, consistency with goals can have a snowball effect on your mental health.

“If we decide to take a walk every day, we don’t just get the benefit of taking the walk, but we had some sunshine and some mindfulness in that walk,” said Rendall. “Things kind of build together and then we have some successes.”

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Keanan Ceron, YMCA fitness attendant, said specific goals can help you stay on track at the gym.

“Say you had a goal of those five push-ups, you would think, ‘Ok what exercises in the gym do I need to be doing to contribute to me being able to do a push-up?'” Ceron said. “Start doing chest presses on the machines, or I’m gonna start doing chest fly’s, you know different workouts to help work out those muscles and then completing those goals.”

He adds having a workout partner, and maybe investing money in fitness such as personal training can also help keep you motivated.

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For those wanting to let their imagination flow in 2023, CASA’s education services manager Courtney Faulkner said there are lots of options to get started.

“Art is a great way for you to experiment with your creativity and learn some new skills,” said Faulkner. “Sign up for a class with us and come to every class, even if you’re getting frustrated with the medium, even if you’re feeling like it’s hard for you, I promise you that it will click and it will get easier. It will feel fun.”

And if you need help getting on track, Rendall suggests getting help with your mental health.

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“There are many great qualified counsellors throughout Lethbridge, so seek out the help and support that you need.”

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