Best 2022 celebrity Halloween costumes, from Kim Kardashian’s Mystique to Jojo Siwa’s Malfoy

WATCH: Best celeb Halloween costumes on display!

Even Hollywood’s biggest A-listers like to get in on the Halloween fun.

From frightening to funny, entertainers of all kinds employed their glam squads (and in some cases, massive budget) to bring their costumes to life. For many of the world’s most beloved celebrities, there was clearly no last-minute Amazon scouring for an outfit.

In 2021, several celebrities served up fabulous looks — who can forget Lizzo’s Baby Yoda, Ariana Grande’s Miss Creature from The Black Lagoon or Harry Styles’ Dorothy?

In 2022, the bar was even higher — and we’ve rounded up some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes that we’ve seen so far.

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian went above and beyond for her Mystique costume this year. The reality TV star’s yellow contacts and blue facial paint brought the Marvel comic book hero to life, all while keeping that classic Kardashian sexiness. (It remains unclear how successfully the star used the washroom in the — albeit impressive — costume.)

Psalm, North, Chicago and Saint West

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Kim couldn’t be the only Kardashian in a great costume this year. Even her kids Psalm, North, Chicago and Saint West got in on the fun and dressed up as a gaggle of iconic musicians. Kardashian shared several photos of the kids dressed as Aaliyah, Sade, Snoop Dogg and Eazy E — likely a stark difference from other children their age who commonly dress as princesses and monsters.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein. Instagram / @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner has long been praised for her Halloween costumes, but this year, she pulled out all the stops. Dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, Jenner was emotive and beautiful. She turned this classic movie monster into a modern-day beauty, but she didn’t stop there.

Kylie Jenner dressed as Elvira. Instagram / @kyliejenner

In her second Halloween costume this year, Jenner stunned as Elvira. Complete with the signature massive updo and deep V neckline, Jenner was a convincing Mistress of the Dark.

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Kendall Jenner

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You can’t stop these Kardashians/Jenners! Kendall Jenner dressed as Toy Story‘s Jessie — though Jenner’s doll sported a much cheekier pair of trousers. She flirtatiously captioned her Instagram post, “well aren’t you just the sweetest space toy.”


Popular R&B artist Khalid also went as a Toy Story character this year, and even posed in a life-size display box. Of course, he didn’t forget Woody’s signature ‘Andy’ on the bottom of his boot. Yee-haws all around!

Jojo Siwa

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Putting her new, short ‘do to good use, Jojo Siwa dressed up as Harry Potter character Draco Malfoy. The former Dance Moms star even posted several videos of herself lip syncing (rather convincingly!) to Malfoy’s lines from the movies.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe had easily one of the most impressive celebrity Halloween costumes this year. Even for those unfamiliar with movie The Fifth Element, this costume is striking in its quality. Monáe also shared video of herself mimicking Diva Plavalaguna’s operatic performance from the movie.


Diddy (a.k.a. Sean Combs) brought the drama this Halloween. While the Joker is by no means an original costume idea, most don’t do it like Diddy. The rapper posted several photos of himself hanging out of a cop car and firing up a flame thrower to Instagram. Shockingly convincing.


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1, 2 Step singer Ciara and her five-year-old daughter Sienna looked amazing as Serena and Venus Williams. In a cheeky remake of the tennis stars’ 2000’s “Got Milk?” ad, the mother-daughter pair sported matching beaded braids and milk moustaches. At the bottom of the photo, Ciara paid homage to the Williams’ sisters, writing, “To the best female athletes of all time! Venus and Serena, Love Ci Ci and Si Si.”

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington said Hello as Lionel Ritchie this Halloween. The actor shed her usual Hollywood glam for a much more vintage look and recreated the cover of Ritchie’s self-titled album. Washington wrote that she was “ready to embarrass my kids All Night Long.” It seems she delivered on that promise, as she shared a lip sync to Ritchie’s You Are.

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Lizzo churned out three Halloween costumes this weekend, all with impressive accuracy. First, she dressed as rapper Blueface’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock. The singer, complete with a missing tooth, recreated Rock’s since-viral “I don’t know who to slap” moment on her Instagram page. Lizzo did, however, switch her fake neck tattoo for a portrait of her own boyfriend, rather than Blueface, who Rock has tattooed.

Next, Lizzo rocked a rather convincing Marge Simpson. Complete with yellow body paint and a skyscraper blue wig, it’s safe to say Lizzo did The Simpsons matriarch justice.

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Goin trick or treating 🔪

♬ Original sound – lizzo

Finally, and easily most niche of all, Lizzo dressed as Woo Wop, the six-year-old TikTok sensation best-known for his emo costuming and “I wanna kill my mom” song that became a meme this year. Lizzo recreated the iconic meme in Woo Wop’s signature chains and pieced black beanie.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer gives the people what they want. In a nod to a fan request for the Nope star to play a live action Rapunzel “with 100ft box braids,” Palmer dressed up as the character, complete with a tower. She even uploaded a short sketch to Instagram, where she let her hair down to a boombox-holding gentleman caller.

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Palmer also dressed as Marvel superhero Rogue this week, yet another character that fans have requested her to play.

Joe Jonas

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Joe Jonas chose to “Go with the Flo” this Halloween. Dressed as the well-known Progressive spokesperson Flo, Jonas proved not every great Halloween costume has to be an expensive, artfully designed outfit.

Frankie Jonas

Every younger sibling loves to poke fun at their older family members, and Frankie Jonas is no exception. This year, he and his girlfriend dressed as the former A-list couple Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. He even made fun of his older brother’s purity ring, which the Jonas siblings used to wear back in the day.

Did we miss any of your fave celebs? Let us know!

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