Global News readers’ pet costumes will make Halloween paw-sitively delightful

Click to play video: 'Howl-O-Ween: Jasper and Louie are tricked for a treat but they get the last howl'
Howl-O-Ween: Jasper and Louie are tricked for a treat but they get the last howl
Global News meteorologist Ross Hull’s pups Jasper and Louie get a bit too much of what they begged for, but still come through for the win – Oct 30, 2022

Halloween is such a special time of year — there’s no delight comparable to opening up the door to see kiddos in their adorable and creative costumes, eager for treats.

But let’s not forget the equally cute babies in our lives who are often (but not always) keen to get dressed up for the occasion – our pets!

We asked you, Global News readers, to send in photos of your four-legged friends celebrating the season and you delivered!

There’s still lots of time to share your photos, too. Send a picture of your furry friend in their Halloween garb to, and we’ll add them to the post.

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Grab a few snack-size chocolate bars and settle in! We guarantee it’ll be the best scroll of your day.

Fergus, 7

Odometer, 17, and Karla O’Brien, 12

– Kassie O’Brien.

Mason, Carson, and Pongo

– Lauren Gallick.
Click to play video: 'Halloween costume ideas for your dog'
Halloween costume ideas for your dog

Mack, 9

– Tara Fillion, Winnipeg, Man.

Coco, 6 months, and Biscuit, 2

– Paola and Emma, Mississauga, Ont.
– Paola and Emma, Mississauga, Ont.

Crush, 3

– Michele Lantin-Lagace, Ottawa, Ont.
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Charlotte, 12 (R.I.P.)

– Colleen Bryans, Havelock, Ont.

Sophie, 2

– Kennedy Jackson, Innisfail, Alta.

Bailee, 4, and Hanky, 4

– Lorie Dakin, Wainfleet, Ont.

Diva, 9, and Cash, 6

– Wesley Desroches, Elmwood, Ont.

Phoebe, 6

– Elizabeth S., Toronto, Ont.


– Alexia K., Toronto, Ont.
– Alexia K., Toronto, Ont.
Click to play video: 'How to keep your pets safe this Halloween'
How to keep your pets safe this Halloween

Chandler Bing, 2

– Jayla and Brody Landry, Petawawa, Ont.

Frank, 3

– Brenda Patterson.

Marley, 1

– Ginette Magiskan.

Finlay, 5

– Sarah Hourihan, Calgary, Alta.

Benji, 3

– Courtney Doucette, Digby, N.S.


– Leigh Rubak
– Leigh Rubak.

Echo, 3

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Mia, 9


– Bronwyn Turp.

Phoebe, 4


– Mackinley Graham, Paris, Ont.

Annie and Wally

Valerie Bielenda.

Frazier, 13

Susan McLean
Susan McLean.


Patti Auld Johnson.

Puck, 7

Patricia Medeiros, Coquitlam, B.C.

Mack, 2

Michelle Dielschneider.

Kaiya, 16, and Scout, 2

Lyndsay Collard, St. Thomas, Ont.

Luna, 1

Carl, 6 weeks

Lucie Dagenais, Alberta
Lucie Dagenais, Alberta.

Sophie and Alaska

Luna, 9 months

Kristen, Calgary, Alta.

Raiden, 2

Krissy and Jose, Mississauga, Ont.



Killian, 7

Pearl, 11

Jennifer Mansell
Jennifer Mansell.

Jake, 1


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