Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger says everyone’s been pronouncing his last name wrong

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger performs during Fire Aid for Fort McMurray in Edmonton on Wednesday June 29, 2016. Amber Braken / The Canadian Press

Chad Kroeger, frontman for Canadian rock band Nickelback, has revealed that everyone has been pronouncing his last name wrong all of these years.

Speaking to Loudwire on a recent podcast, Kroeger explained that his surname is often butchered; people have been saying Kroh-ger, like the U.S. grocery store chain.

However, the Hanna, Alta.-born musician insists it should be pronounced the same as Freddy Krueger, the terrifying Nightmare on Elm Street serial killer.

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback performs during the Juno Awards in Halifax, Sunday April 2, 2006. Tim Krochak / The Canadian Press

“It’s Kroo-ger, don’t trust the internet,” the musician said.

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He says he’s been slow to correct people because he doesn’t want to come across the wrong way.

“If I just stop and go, ‘Actually, it’s Kroeger,’ I’m gonna look like such a d**k. So I’m just like whatever, I don’t care.”

He told the podcast there are a few people that have gone out of their way to make sure they get it right, including Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell, who corrected a journalist at one point during a joint 2004 interview.

“I sort of looked over at Jerry, and he goes, ‘It’s your name, dude. That is your last name.'”

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He went on: “Tell that dude across there how to say it properly so that he stops saying it wrong into that microphone and misinforming people.

“That is your last name, brother.’ And I was like, ‘Wow you really care about this s***!'”

Watch Kroeger explain the name mix-up at the beginning of the clip below.

Kroeger also explained that there’s one band he never wants to follow again, recounting several times Atlanta-based band Sevendust opened for Nickelback.

“I don’t care how many records you’ve sold or how many awards you’ve won or what you’ve done around the world … you don’t ever, ever, ever want to go on after Sevendust, because they will kick your a** and wipe you all over that stage. They are a force to be reckoned with and it is goosebump-worthy.”

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Kroeger’s interview coincided with an announcement from the multi-platinum band that its latest album, Get Rollin’, will be released in November.

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