Over 15,000 books for sale in Kelowna library fundraiser

After taking a hiatus due to the pandemic, the Kelowna Friends of the Library book sale is back.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to books when they’re no longer in Okanagan libraries, there’s a good chance they’re in this bargain sale.

After taking a hiatus due to the pandemic, the Kelowna Friends of the Library book sale kicked off Monday afternoon in support of the Okanagan Regional Library.

“We’re so excited after a couple of years to actually be able to give money to the libraries, which is what our goal is,” said Dorothy Margerison, a Kelowna Friends of the Library volunteer.

There are over 15,000 books in all genres available to fill bookshelves across the Okanagan. Most books are $1 to $2.

“Some of our books are withdrawals from the library system itself and a lot of our books are donations from the public,” Margerison said.

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Margerison said the funds raised will support all branches of the Okanagan Regional Library — “whatever the libraries need that they’re struggling to come up with funds for from their normal budget.”

“I guess you’d consider it to be the little extras, but our focus, first of all, is the summer reading programs,” Margerison said.

Books from over 700 boxes will be for sale. Marigerson said the sale motivates young readers and allows them to buy books at an affordable price.

“I love seeing these little ones get books and how excited they are to have maybe instead of one book about six books to take home.”

Kelowna Friends of the Library will be hosting another sale in the fall with around 400 boxes of books for sale. Margerison said there are drop-off locations around Kelowna for those looking to donate their books.

“We have two donation bins, one at the Parkinson Recreation Centre bus loop and one at the Okanagan Regional Library headquarters on K.L.O road.”

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The fundraiser runs until Wednesday night at the Kelowna Curling Club.

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