Scarborough man gets van back after Global News story, ‘I did not expect this’

Click to play video: 'Man gets van back after Global News story, help from mechanics'
Man gets van back after Global News story, help from mechanics
WATCH: Man gets van back after Global News story, help from mechanics – Aug 22, 2022

Ed Daley calls it “a miracle.”

Three days after a Global News report about an auto repair issue that’s kept him away from his vehicle for several weeks, he has his 2011 Dodge Caravan back.

“I did not expect this,” an excited Daley exclaimed, thankful for what happened shortly after a story about his predicament was published and aired.

“I can start working again! I’m really happy,” Daley said.

The Scarborough, Ont., man’s saga began in March when he says he found fluid leaks on his driveway.

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He sought the services of Donovan Francis who runs a company called Automotive Links. Francis brokered the repairs with a Markham shop called EM Automotive.

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Daley gave EM Automotive more than $1,000 in cash for repairs. Later, however, the van was still leaking.

EM Automotive eventually delivered the vehicle to another repair facility, Barron Transmission and Exhaust, for assessment. That company repaired the oil leak, at a cost of just under $1,000.

Daley believed Francis and EM Automotive would take responsibility for paying the second shop to get his vehicle returned. But they didn’t.

“I’m not going to pay for something I’m not responsible for, that I didn’t touch,” Francis told Global News in a face-to-face interview.

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Ed Mello, who owns EM Automotive, initially wouldn’t discuss the issue. Mello grabbed a Global News microphone and covered a camera lens when he approached the TV crew outside his shop.

In the days since, however, Daley says he heard from Mello directly. He says Mello apologized for what happened and gave back the $1,000 from the earlier repair.

Click to play video: 'Man without a van: says he paid for fix but mechanic didn’t'
Man without a van: says he paid for fix but mechanic didn’t

Mello also spoke with Global News in an interview, saying “I’m hoping I resolved it to do the right thing, that’s all I’m asking.”

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He also discussed his angry outburst with the television crew. “I know I came at you rough, I wasn’t going to hit you,” Mello explained.

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Daley got another welcome surprise from Robert Bartram of Barron Transmission and Exhaust.

Even though the shop performed the repairs that got the Dodge Caravan operating again, Bartram decided not to charge Daley.

“When Ed came in to pay me now, I told him to keep the money,” Bartram said, explaining that word-of-mouth is of primary importance to auto repair shops.

Daley repeatedly thanked Bartram for overseeing the repairs and not charging him.

He also thanked Global News for reporting on his situation, which he credits for allowing him to get his vehicle back.

“I’m just really, really a grateful human being,” Daley said, before driving away.

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