Regina ranks 4th in total crime rate according to Statistics Canada report

Click to play video: 'Regina ranks 4th in total crime rate according to Statistics Canada report'
Regina ranks 4th in total crime rate according to Statistics Canada report
A newly released Stats Canada report on police-reported crime shows Regina ranked 5th in total crime severity index and 4th in total crime rate – Aug 3, 2022

A new report from Statistics Canada on police-reported crime shows the Regina Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) ranked fifth in total Crime Severity Index (CSI) and fourth in total crime rate.

According to the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS), a report was released on police-reported crime statistics in Canada where they identified that Regina has a CSI of 110.9.

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The Chief of Regina Police Service (RPS) and the city mayor held a presentation at police headquarters on Aug. 2, 2022 to discuss the data. RPS said the total crime rate for Regina’s CMA for 2021 sits at 7,497 and the CMA for Regina includes seven surrounding communities such as Lumsden, White City and Balgonie.

“We know those three categories are what is predominantly responsible for our shift … in regards to our ranking,” said RPS Chief Evan Bray.

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The RPS says the increase is mostly attributed to three categories which have seen upward trends: homicides, sexual assaults and break and enters. Regina recorded 15 homicides in 2021 which was the highest amount ever recorded in a single year in the city and that sexual assaults has been trending as Regina ranks #20 on the CMA and the violent CSI rose five per cent in 2021 in Canada.

“I think we have a lot of work to do on some of those things (and) drilling down on some of those root causes,” said Mayor Sandra Masters.

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According to the report, police reported 190 Indigenous homicide victims in 2021 and the homicide rate for Indigenous people was nearly six times higher than for the non-Indigenous population in Canada.

“Indigenous people are six times more likely to be victimized by homicide than non-Indigenous people,” said Chief Bray. “That is significant for our community when you look at our overall Indigenous population.”

Regina saw an increase of crimes in 2021 due to the pandemic. In total, the rate for sexual assault for 2021 in Regina is 85 which is a 7-per cent change from 2020. The other category rate for breaking and entering in Regina is 707 which is an 11-per cent change from 2020.

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For further details on the data for Regina, visit the Stats Canada website. 

Click to play video: 'Slight increase in total police-reported crimes in 2021: Regina police'
Slight increase in total police-reported crimes in 2021: Regina police

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