Manitoba is heating up. Is your air conditioner ready?

Click to play video: 'Manitoba is heating up. Is your air conditioner ready?' Manitoba is heating up. Is your air conditioner ready?
Global's Marek Tkach caught up with Siloam Mission's Luke Thiessen to see how they're preparing for hot weather. Marek also spoke with air conditioning specialists in the middle of their busiest season. – Jun 21, 2022

After a waterlogged spring full of rain, it’s about to get very, very hot in Manitoba.

According to Global News weather specialist Kahla Evans, we can expect a couple more stormy days before the heat comes through in a big way.

“There’s the risk for some moderate thunderstorms around the region,” Evans said Monday. “Here in the southeast and the Winnipeg area, the heaviest rainfall is coming for us tomorrow morning, kind of the mid-morning lunchtime period and then clearing Wednesday.

“After that, the rest of the forecast is just looking sunny and getting hotter every single day until we hit the weekend — and that’s when it’s going to get real uncomfortable.”

“Even today, if we hit highs of 25-26 around the region, that’s already uncomfortable enough but if you’re hitting highs of around 33, 34 during the day and we have that humidity, absolutely it’s going to feel even worse out there.”

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The forecast is calling for temperatures in the mid- to upper-30s for Sunday, along with humidity — and there isn’t expected to be much relief until the middle of next week.

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“Wednesday and Thursday of next week, it seems like things get a little bit closer to 22-25 degrees, leveling off a bit,” Evans said.

That kind of heat, for many Manitobans, means air conditioning season, but the general manager of a local furnace company says it’s important to get a jump on the extreme weather and not wait until you’re in the middle of it.

“You don’t want to wait until Saturday to start,” Tara Smith of Mr. Furnace told 680 CJOB’s Connecting Winnipeg.

“A lot of people haven’t started it — because we haven’t had a lot of (hot) weather. It’s a good idea to start it now, get it cleaned, and get it ready before the weekend hits.”

Smith said she also recommends changing your furnace filters, as you don’t want to get stuck with a broken-down unit in the throes of a heat wave.

Although supply-chain issues have improved, she said, some replacement parts are still a little tricky to track down, especially during a high-demand season.

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“If you have a specialty unit or certain parts like motors, compressors, those are still harder to get. Two or three days doesn’t seem like a big deal but if it’s +30 and your unit’s not working, that two or three days can be a pain.”

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