Catalytic converters stolen from vehicles at 2 Peterborough businesses: police

What a vehicle looks like when the catalytic converter has been stolen. Global News file

Peterborough police are investigating another string of thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles at businesses.

According to the Peterborough Police Service, the thefts occurred at two businesses in the southwest area of the city since mid-February 2022.

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device comprising a number of metals including platinum, palladium and cadmium. Police in other jurisdictions have previously reported that the metals are often sold to scrap metal yards.

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One business in the area of Lansdowne and Rye streets reported one catalytic converter had been removed from a vehicle around Feb. 16.

Police say on Wednesday, the same business reported another dozen converters were stolen from its vehicles.

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Another six converters were reported stolen from vehicles at another business in the area of Fisher and Jameson drives. It’s believed those thefts occurred Feb. 18-22.

In December 2021, city police reported the theft of eight catalytic converters from vehicles at a business on Lansdowne Street West.

Anyone with information is asked to call Peterborough Police at 705-876-1122 ext. 555 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at

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