Manitoba to warm up, gradually, but expect more snow this month, climatologist says

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The calendar may have turned the page, but southern Manitoba’s weather isn’t looking too spring-like — at least not yet.

A senior climatologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada says it’s coming — and that we’ve earned it after experiencing a bitterly cold, snow-heavy start to 2022.

“I think (this winter) puts to rest that old ditty about, ‘Is it ever too cold to snow?’

“Just look at Winnipeg — my gosh. You had the coldest February in 43 years, and you also had one of the snowiest on record,” said climatologist David Phillips.

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“People who want the winter to be over and summer to arrive — no, no, no. You want a decent kind of spring to ease it out.”

Phillips said Manitobans should expect a transition season — potentially going from a week of cold to a week of milder temperatures, and then back to cold again.

He preached patience, but said the warmer weather is on its way.

“That kind of maple syrup weather is exactly what you need to get rid of some of that excess snow sitting on the ground,” he said.

Speaking of snow, the month of March is traditionally the source of about 25 per cent of Winnipeg’s annual snowfall — so despite spring on the horizon, there will be more snow in the forecast.

“You can’t put away the snow shovel yet,” said Phillips.

“People who love the snow, the white stuff — it’s not over yet. You still have March and April, and my gosh, I’ve seen it in May too. ”

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