Residents safe after carbon monoxide scare at Tuxedo condo building

A digital carbon monoxide detector. Getty Images / File

More than 30 residents were forced from their homes Friday afternoon after a carbon monoxide scare at a Tuxedo condo building.

WFPS crews responded to a carbon monoxide alarm just before 5 p.m. at the five-storey building in the 100 block of Tuxedo Avenue.

The gas was confirmed to be present in the building. 35 people were evacuated, while 80 people were able to stay in their suites.

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One person was assessed by paramedics on scene, but did not require a trip to the hospital. Everyone was eventually able to return to their suites.

Crews say the gas came from a pressure washer. The building’s HVAC system was not working properly, and the carbon monoxide accumulated.

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WFPS is reminding people to purchase a carbon monoxide alarm if they don’t already have one.


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