Disapproval of Manitoba government rising: Angus Reid Poll

A growing number of Canadians aren’t happy with their provincial governments.

According to a survey from the Angus Reid Institute, more than “half of residents in every region of the country now say their provincial government is doing a poor job in addressing housing affordability, poverty and seniors’ care.”

About 39 per cent of Canadians surveyed say their provincial leaders are performing well, but that’s down 16 points from approval levels in 2019 and 2020.

The survey results show 76 per cent of Manitobans think their government is handling health care poorly. Manitoba is in the middle of the pack for disapproval of the state of the economy at 55 per cent.

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The only province with a higher disapproval rating on health care is Jason Kenney’s Alberta, at 78 per cent. Only 20 per cent of Albertans feel Kenney’s UCP government is governing well.

Fifty-six per cent of Manitobans said they approved how the province was handling the economy in Q3 of 2019 but that number has dropped drastically over the past two years, now sitting at a dismal 31 per cent, nearly seven points below the survey’s average of the nine provinces studied. The territories and PEI were not part of the survey.

Manitoba ranks among the lowest for it’s handling of drug use and addictions with only 14 per cent saying the government is doing a good job.

According to the survey, the current numbers bode well for the Manitoba NDP with 43 per cent of decided voters saying they’ll vote orange in 2023, compared to 38 per cent leaning blue.

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A shift to dissatisfaction is most obvious in Ontario where 30 per cent of residents say the government is doing a good job compared to 57 per cent who said this at the same time last year.

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