Nova Scotia election results: Live, real-time numbers from the 2021 vote

It’s election day in Nova Scotia. 

Voters across the province are set to choose which party will form the next government and, when polls close, Global News will have live, real-time results from all 55 ridings, so you can see who’s winning in your riding and which party won the most votes in the Nova Scotia election.

Polls close in Nova Scotia at 8 p.m. AT.

How to get live, real-time election results for the Nova Scotia election

The map above will allow you to navigate through each of Nova Scotia’s 55 ridings allowing you to navigate and see live, real-time results as votes in your riding – and across the province – are counted.

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Global News also has a profile for each of the 55 ridings so you can find your riding and see who’s winning. 

The visualization below will also update in real-time but will show you how the popular vote is split throughout the province and how each party is faring compared to the 2017 Nova Scotia election.


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You can find a number of real-time results in the interactive below…



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