Ready to tie the knot in summer 2021? Here’s what to expect for the wedding season

Click to play video: 'The Morning Show: June 17'
The Morning Show: June 17
On today’s episode of 'The Morning Show': Wedding expert Alison McGill shares her insights on what couples need to know when planning their wedding this summer. Plus Brooklyn’s ‘Pizza Czar’ Anthony Falco shows you how to make the best pizza crust with his famous butter crust pan pizza recipe – Jun 17, 2021

Many engaged couples took a pause on tying the knot during the COVID-19 pandemic, as lockdowns and restrictions prevented dream weddings from coming to life.

But as more vaccines roll out and things begin to open, more Canadians are ready to say “I do.”

Wedding expert Alison McGill recently joined The Morning Show to discuss what we can expect to see for the summer wedding season.

McGill says many weddings still took place over the past year, though plans had to be adjusted and ceremonies looked less traditional.

“Wedding season is shining brighter and we are getting on with it,” she says.

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Like last summer, couples still have to get creative with their wedding plans — considering we aren’t done with the pandemic just yet — but McGill says a small, intimate wedding can be just as special as a large blowout.

“I don’t encourage anyone to think super big for this year,” she says.

Click to play video: 'Planning a pandemic wedding'
Planning a pandemic wedding

Many couples are creating two-tier guest lists: a smaller list for tighter restrictions and a larger one if it’s permitted.

Though it can seem awkward excluding someone from your wedding, McGill says most people are very understanding of the current circumstances.

“(Also) some people just aren’t comfortable gathering yet,” she says, adding that we are still approaching new territory after 16 months of lockdowns and we will have to be flexible.

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People are taking advantage of the warm weather for outdoor weddings and venues are tightly booked until early fall, she adds.

Winter may not be as busy, considering restrictions might still be up in the air and people may want to avoid enclosed spaces. One thing’s for sure: McGill says we can expect weddings in 2022 to be packed.

“You need to secure everything,” she says.

For couples who had a smaller ceremony during the pandemic, but are looking to have a larger celebration down the track, McGill recommends holding off until next year.

“If a larger wedding is something you want then absolutely, you’re going to have to wait,” she says. “But one thing we are going to see the rise of is the anniversary reception, so get ready for that.”

For more information on wedding season, watch the full video above.

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