Alleged Yukon vaccine queue-jumpers back in court Wednesday

Rod and Ekaterina Baker have been charged under Yukon's Civil Emergency Measures Act. Facebook

The wealthy Vancouver couple accused of duping their way into getting a COVID-19 vaccine in the Yukon before they were eligible is still waiting to learn their fate.

Rod and Ekaterina Baker were due in court Tuesday in the Yukon but the matter has now been put over until 10 a.m. Wednesday for a plea and likely disposition.

In January, the Bakers allegedly travelled to the remote community of Beaver Creek in a private plane and misrepresented themselves to get their first doses.

They had reportedly ignored the territory’s 14-day mandatory quarantine rules upon arrival and were eventually fined $575 each and charged under Yukon’s Civil Emergency Measures Act.

Rod Baker also subsequently stepped down as president and chief executive of Great Canadian Gaming.

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The White River First Nation says the Bakers have never apologized for their actions, calling their behaviour “callous and irresponsible.”

The First Nation also says a fine without additional punishment would not be adequate for what they did.

“The Bakers acted knowingly because they felt entitled to do so. The courts cannot let the fact that time has passed cloud the seriousness of their offense to our community and to the rest of the Yukon,” White River First Nation Chief Bessie Chassé said in a release.

“All eyes are on the Yukon Government and the courts to fulfill their duty to all Yukoners to protect and serve. We demand that the Yukon Government and the courts not reward the Bakers for their self-centered actions. Issuing a fine to the entitled elite, without additional punishment, would have little to no effect. It would not send a sufficient message to others who may choose to behave in this fashion in the future.”

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Nothing has been proven in court, but the Bakers could serve up to six months in jail if convicted.

The B.C. government has also confirmed the Bakers will not be eligible for the second dose of the vaccine until August.

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