Flooded basement results in total loss for Regina family

Scott Karpinka's basement sits partially submerged in water due to flooding that occurred on June 10. Photo courtesy of Scott Karpinka

According to SGI, there have been 451 property and 78 vehicle claims resulting from flooding that hit Regina last week.

Scott Karpinka and his family had to submit one of those claims when they experienced a flooded basement on the night of June 10.

Karpinka says he made every attempt to try and stop the water but it eventually rose to nearly eight inches in the basement.

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“You panic, and you just start doing whatever you can to try and stop it, to try and save items that are down low,” Karpinka said.

“We lost baby books, wedding photos, wedding guest books, all of that stuff that you really don’t want to lose, we sadly lost in this one.”

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Karpinka says it is a very tough situation right now, as the basement is unliveable, but he and his family are taking it day-by-day and trying to remain positive.

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