Canada election results: Burlington

Elections Canada confirmed that Karina Gould was elected in the riding of Burlington on Sept. 20, 2019.

The Liberal received 45.7 per cent of 69,208 votes cast in the riding followed by Conservative Emily Brown who collected 37.3 per cent.

Gould recaptured the seat in the 2019 federal election, ending the night with 48.6 per cent of the vote. She beat Conservative candidate Jane Michael by 11,059 votes. The NDP and Green Party candidates came in third and fourth place.

Bridging Oakville and Hamilton, the Burlington riding consists of the southern half of the city of Burlington.

Burlington is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens — the largest botanical garden in Canada. The Burlington Sound of Music Festival also takes place in this riding every year.

Immigrants make up 22 per cent of the riding’s population with large populations from the U.K., the Philippines and India. Close to 59 per cent of the labour force holds a type of post-secondary certification.

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Prior to 2015’s red wave, Burlington was one of the most Conservative-leaning urban areas in Ontario.


Liberals: Karina Gould (incumbent)
Conservatives: Emily Brown
NDP: Nick Page
Green: Christian Cullis
People’s Party Of Canada: Michael Bator
Rhinoceros Party: Jevin David Carroll

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