Regina wants you to name (and clean) your storm drain and people think it’s ‘Grate’

The City of Regina has launched a campaign to have people name (and clean) their nearby catch basins. City of Regina / Twitter

The City of Regina asked residents to register and name their nearby catch basins (and then keep them clean). Early uptake suggests the campaign could be a surprise success story.

“You’re never quite sure how things are going to go when you do a launch,” said Helene Henning-Hill, the city’s manager of sewer and drainage operations, on Tuesday. “It’s taken off way better than we had hoped.”

The city put the call out Monday, setting a target of getting one per cent of Regina’s 22,000 storm drains adopted. One day in, it’s almost been reached with 176 catch basins claimed.

“If we get 5 per cent uptake or 10 per cent, we will be thrilled,” said Henning-Hill, who signed up for the one across from her house, naming it Grate Expectations.

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Clean storm drains help keep Regina roads and properties clear and dry by mitigating flood risks. Removing debris and garbage from the entry points also contributes to the preservation the quality of water flowing into Wascana Creek.

Henning-Hill noted that while many residents do already care for their local catch basins (which is appreciated), others call in to have them serviced each time there is rainfall.

Henning-Hill noted those types of one-off sweeps are not a practical use of resources and that staff are often tasked with other more major projects, including the broader management of the channel system.

Name the drain is a part of other departmental education initiatives, for which there is an overall budget of about $10,000.

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Storm drains that are adopted throughout May 3 through 30 will be entered in a contest. After that, the city will select 10 of the most creative names, and open up public voting from June 1 through 8 to select the best one.

The winner, who will receive a $250 gift card to purchase rain apparel at a local store or to a local car wash, will be announced June 10.

First prize is valued at $250, second prize at $150 and third prize at $75. Each of the winners has a choice between a gift card to purchase rain apparel at a local store or a gift card to a local car wash. Winners will be announced on June 10.

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