Father and son make record together remotely amid pandemic

Click to play video: 'Father and son release blues album completed remotely' Father and son release blues album completed remotely
A positive note in the pandemic has been finding creative ways to connect with loved ones during the pandemic, and a father and son separated by the Atlantic ocean have connected by creating an album that has become a family heirloom – Apr 24, 2021

It all started as a way to stay connected but now has turned into a family legacy and a blues album called Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.

“It’s a language that we both love,” said Graham Ord, musician.

“It was a way of expressing some of the feelings we have [about the pandemic], so the original songs that we wrote were things to do with the pandemic.”

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The very first two songs we wrote were being stuck in all day and not being able to play and the other one was about being thankful for the people putting their lives on the line to keep people safe during the pandemic … and from there we got more silly.”

The collaboration between father and son was recorded in their home studios on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. Dad, Dane Stevens, in England and son, Graham Ord, in Kelowna.

“It was the first time we wrote songs together so that was very special and a bit daunting to me because I know how good of a writer that he is,” said Ord.

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Also featured on the album are Ord’s brother Gary and many of his children to create something truly unique.

“When I think about this record, I do think of it as a legacy in that way,” said Ord.

“My kids really have something that they can remember us all doing together and it’s very special in that way.”

Talkin’ ‘Bout Love is now available to the public at 


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