2020 in review: 10 bloopers and funny moments from ‘Global News Morning Calgary’

Let's take a look back at some of the top bloopers and morning moments from Global News Morning Calgary this year. Global News

The thing you may not know when watching Global News Morning Calgary is just how many people it takes to get the show to air.

Every day, a group of hardworking and dedicated employees gather together in the early morning hours to write, prepare and produce a four-hour newscast anchored by Dallas Flexhaug with traffic reports from Leslie Horton, weather updates from meteorologist Jordan Witzel and live news reports from Sarah Offin and Bindu Suri.

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, things can still go wrong during the live broadcast and bloopers do happen.

As 2020 comes to a close, we thought it might be fun to look back at some of the silliest and most memorable bloopers and morning show moments that happened on Global News Morning Calgary this year.

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Doug Vaessen’s extreme cold close-up

Reporter Doug Vaessen was discussing Calgary’s cold weather in January when the camera malfunctioned and dropped down, showing only his chin.

Jordan Witzel sings ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’

Back in February, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Jordan was set to interview a sexologist about how to plan the perfect date.

When Dallas mentioned the interview on air, Jordan started singing Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa, causing Leslie, Dallas and Matthew Conrod to dissolve into laughter.

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Jordan Witzel climbs a ladder

Why was Jordan on a ladder in late February? Well… we’re not quite sure. Potentially, to change a burnt-out lightbulb?

Jordan Witzel surprises Dallas Flexhaug on the anchor desk

In early March, Dallas made the mistake of telling Jordan she was having trouble waking up.

Jordan then took it upon himself to jolt her awake.

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Jordan Witzel discusses his ‘giant’ cucumber

Later in March, Dallas started laughing so hard she began to cry when Jordan began discussing his “giant” cucumber.

He later explained social distancing to Leslie, telling her to keep a “cucumber’s distance” away.

Jordan Witzel creates ‘Studio Buff’ while alone in Studio B

As COVID-19 cases in the province started to climb in late March, Jordan was forced out of the studio from which the morning show is broadcast (Studio A) and into a separate studio across the hall (Studio B) in order to help with social distancing.

It’s safe to say Jordan didn’t handle the solitude terribly well.

He started by creating his own gym.

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Jordan Witzel hides in his weather map

The same day that Jordan created “Studio Buff” while alone in Studio B, he also started playing around with his green screen.

Leslie Horton worries she might have to get a Flowbee haircut

In late March, as Alberta remained in the midst of a lockdown, Leslie joked she may soon have to get a Flowbee to cut her hair.

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What is a Flowbee, you ask? Let Leslie explain.

Dallas Flexhaug calls Jordan Witzel ‘George’ on-air by mistake

In June, Dallas got a little tongue-tied and accidentally called Jordan “George” on air.

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Dallas Flexhaug gets the giggles over a KFC romance movie ‘A recipe for seduction’

And lastly, in December, Dallas could barely make it through a script about a steamy new Lifetime original movie about Colonel Sanders.

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