Sundre announces new acting fire chief after former one’s sudden departure

The Town of Sundre announced Alex Clews as the new acting fire chief on Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. File/Global News

The Town of Sundre has appointed a new acting fire chief, according to a news release issued Monday.

Alex Clews, who has been with the department for 12 years, is taking over the role and will be tasked with growing the department, managing its budget and ensuring it is fully operational, the town said.

“Alex is a well-qualified and respected member of the crew,” the town said. “His colleagues and members of the fire department collectively endorsed his appointment by the town to manage the department.”

Clews said he looks forward to working with the town and fellow firefighters.

“Although the Sundre Fire Department is fully operational, we are currently actively recruiting volunteers,” Clews said.

“I’d be glad to personally meet with anybody who is interested in joining our ranks. There is nothing more rewarding than serving one’s community with integrity.”

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The announcement comes after the dramatic and sudden departure of the town’s fire chief earlier this month.

On Aug. 18, a rally was held after reports that Marty Butts was fired.

He spoke to the crowd, citing a conflict with town staff and saying he was accused of being a bully.

“I’m getting no answers, no support, very little support from the town side, and to do my job properly, that doesn’t work. We’ve got to work as a team,” he said at the rally.

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