Aaron Carter debuts new face tattoo of girlfriend’s name

Aaron Carter's new face tattoo.
Aaron Carter's new face tattoo. Instagram/Bdonn

Aaron Carter has added some new ink to his face again and this time it’s his new girlfriend’s name.

The 32-year-old singer added his girlfriend’s name, “Melanie,” above his right eye.

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Carter’s hairstylist showed off the new tattoo while taking a close-up photo of the singer’s new hair colour.

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“Aaron Carter Had so much fun hanging out with this guy and bringing him back his signature bright blonde,” hairstylist Brandon Peach captioned the photo.

Carter started sharing photos of his girlfriend Melanie Martin on Instagram in January.

Carter shared a post of the pair kissing on Feb. 15, writing: “Were still learning so much about each other, what our boundaries are, hers and mine. Notice HER comes first always put your woman first before your own selfish needs. That’s what my daddy always taught me.

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“Do right by your woman happy wife happy life. I’ve never met a woman more invested into me than you my darling @missmelaniemartin you’ve shown me a love that I never thought existed. From my boundaries I have for myself that our met and knowing she actually DOES something about it.”

Aaron Carter/Instagram.

In another post, Carter wrote: “This relationship will NOT be derailed all aboard choo choo.”

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In September, Carter debuted a massive tattoo, which resembles Greek mythological monster Medusa.

The tattoo runs across his cheeks, cheekbone, temple and jaw as well as under his eye.

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Many fans of the singer believed the tattoo resembled Rihanna after she posed as Medusa for GQ in 2013.

Last October, Carter opened up about the meaning behind his Medusa tattoo to Entertainment Tonight.

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“Medusa is my protector. If you want to come at me with some negativity, my Medusa will stare you in the eye and turn you into stone,” Carter shared of his face tattoo.

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