‘Active and vibrant event’: ASC Seniors Games kick off in the Queen City

The 11th annual All Seniors Care Seniors Games kicked off across the country on Monday, including in Regina. Derek Putz / Global News

It may not be as popular as the Olympics, but for the elderly, the All Seniors Care Seniors Games is just as fun.

The games began on Monday. The week-long competition takes place across the country and includes events such as Wii bowling, bocce, pool and darts.

“The eleventh annual ASC Seniors Games is looking to become the best ever, our residents have prepared for months, they have been practicing, preparing and are ready for this much anticipated, active and vibrant event,” said Joshua Kuhl, All Seniors Care senior executive VP of operations.

In Regina, College Park II Retirement Residence’s recreation therapist Samantha Frey plays an integral in organizing the event.

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“We know physical activity is very good for them, but we also find it promotes a sense of community because even if our residents don’t come and participate in the games, they still come and cheer on our athletes,” Frey said.

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With winter well underway, Frey said it is a great opportunity for seniors to stay active during a time of year that can sometimes be isolating.

“Our residents don’t go walking on the streets because it’s winter and its cold out so we’re able to adapt to that and have our indoor games and they’re still able to get that physical activity,” Frey said.

Seniors not only receive medals within their respective retirement home based on their scores, but on a national level as well.

“Our games that we have done so far, we’ve had some pretty high scores so I think it will be pretty competitive with some of the other residences across the country,” Frey said.

For more information on the ASC Seniors Games, visit their website.

The games wrap up on Friday.

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