Posthumous Mac Miller album ‘Circles’ released

Mac Miller performs onstage at MTV's 'Wonderland' LIVE Show on Sept. 22, 2016 in Los Angeles, Calif. Dale Berman/Getty Images for MTV

Less than two weeks after being announced by his family, Mac Miller‘s first, and perhaps only, posthumous album has been released.

It’s called Circles, and serves as the “companion album” to the late-rapper’s previous effort, Swimming (2018), according to an Instagram post made by the McCormick family earlier this month.

The 48-minute record dropped on Friday morning and includes 12 brand new tracks — 11 of which are original and previously unheard compositions. Each song has been accompanied by a different music video on YouTube as well.

Months before his death, producer Jon Brion was enlisted by Miller (born Malcolm McCormick) to produce the album. At the time, the much-beloved musician was “well into the process” of recording Circles.

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Circles. Available now.

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Brion was a frequent collaborator of Miller’s and co-wrote a majority of the tracks from Swimming.

After Miller’s tragic death in late-2018, the 56-year-old producer, “dedicated himself to finishing Circles based on his time and conversations with Malcolm,” according to the McCormick family’s statement.

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On the relation between Circles and Swimming, they wrote, “Swimming in Circles was the concept.”

The family described the records as “two different styles” that “complement each other” and “complete a circle.”

As well as its sombre lead single Good News which was released last weekCircles included a cover of American singer-songwriter Arthur Lee’s 1972 hit, Everybody.

Additionally, Good News was put out alongside a particularly emotional, tear-jerking music video, which was directed by Anthony Gaddis and Eric Tilford.

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Previously unseen clips and photographs of Miller are scattered throughout the vivid, emotional video as it appears to follow his journey through life.

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Since his death, the musician has been featured on two other songs: the Free Nationals’ Time and That’s Life by 88-Keys.

He died at the age of 26 on Sept. 7, 2018.

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Drawing circles.

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Circles, serves as Miller’s sixth studio album overall and is now available to purchase physically or through Spotify and Apple Music. The full tracklist can be found above.

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Any updates or information regarding any other potential Mac Miller releases can be found here.