Animal rescue seeks help from Edmontonians to get Baker and her 13 puppies healthy and ready for adoption

Click to play video: 'Alberta animal rescue caring for Baker and her puppies' Alberta animal rescue caring for Baker and her puppies
WATCH ABOVE: A volunteer with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society is fostering Baker and her 13 puppies but says the animal rescue would be grateful for more donations. – Jan 1, 2020

A volunteer with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society says she was delighted to recently foster a dog and her rather large litter of puppies, but she is hoping Edmontonians can help the dogs she’s dubbed “Baker’s dozen” too by donating to the rescue.

“You can’t say no to this can you?” Patti Smith said on Wednesday as she held up one of Baker’s 13 puppies.

The dogs, who as a group collectively know as “Baker’s dozen” have all been given names like Rye, Loaf, Roll and Bagel, were reportedly found in a cardboard box by an abandoned home near Beaver Lake, Alta., and Smith answered the call without hesitation when asked if she could help.

“I was crazy enough to say, ‘Sure! Why not?’ [I] went and picked them up… met somebody at Buffalo Lake [and] drove them back down here.”

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Smith has had the four-week-old puppies for about 10 days now. She said it’s the fourth time she’s fostered a litter of puppies or kittens and that taking care of a “pile of puppies” takes a lot of work and money.

“It’s noon and I’ve already gone through a roll and a half of paper towel, cleaning supplies, food, puppy pads,” she said. “These guys are going to eat almost a bag of food a day.

“It’s going to be outrageous trying to feed them, let alone the vet costs to get them all spayed and neutered.”

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Smith said while caring for the puppies is a lot of work, it is also very rewarding.

“They’re so sweet. They’re so much fun… when you see them grow up and see them go to their new homes and see the joy they bring to the new people, it makes it all worth it.”

Baker is rather thin from feeding her puppies and appears grateful for the help, according to Smith.

“She is doing OK [but] she could definitely use some weight,” she said. “She’s had a hard little bit of life but she’s chilling pretty good.
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“She’s a good dog. She’s sweet. She needs to fatten up a bit basically.”

A volunteer with the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society is fostering Baker and her 13 puppies but says the animal rescue could use more donations. Global News

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Smith said SCARS pays for all of her costs until the puppies and mother are well enough to be adopted out, but that SCARS relies on the generosity of others.

“SCARS always needs help, like every rescue organization,” she said. “We always need more money, more donations.”

Smith said donations can be made in the form of money or food and supplies and that the organization is also always looking for volunteers.

For more information about SCARS and how to donate or get involved with the non-profit, click here.

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Watch below: Some Global News videos about SCARS.

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