Forget making resolutions ⁠— here’s how to reset the new year

Click to play video: '“Better” resolutions lead to success'
“Better” resolutions lead to success
WATCH: Reporter Deb Matejicka talks to exercise physiologist Nick Lapointe to find out how to make a “better” new year's resolution will ensure you stick to it and have success – Jan 18, 2019

A note from the editor: 

It’s that time of year again, when people start picking out their (often) unattainable New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t get us wrong. We love the idea of setting goals any time of the year, whether this means finding ways to save money or finding more time to exercise or even cutting back on drinking.

But often, New Year’s resolutions don’t stick. One 2017 survey, in fact, found 80 per cent of people drop their resolutions by February. 

Some experts previously told Global News the best time to set goals was actually in February.

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This year, we’re hoping to take the focus away from making resolutions and putting it towards resetting some of the most important parts of our lifestyle: everything from our mental health to our finances to even parenting.

And while there is no rule to start thinking about these aspects of your life in January, we’re teaming up with the Global News’ The Morning Show to offer some advice on how to reset your 2020.

Starting next month, we will have several segments and features on taking control of your 2020.

For starters, Global News reporter Meghan Collie will be taking a look at resetting your mental health for the new year and why a new year — and a new decade, for that matter — is the best time to check in.

We also all love to shop and find good deals, but sometimes we end up over-spending. Global News reporter Laura Hensley will break down the year to find the best deals.

She will also find tips on how to cut back in general.

And when it comes to parenting, we know there really isn’t time to even set any goals. Global News reporter Olivia Bowden will find solutions for parents who typically have stressful years ⁠— and we assume this is most ⁠— and ways to really be more mindful in the new year.

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We also look at resetting some aspects of our lives we either ignored or just didn’t want to talk about in 2019. These can include creating a will and funeral fund and even going to your doctor with all the health questions you didn’t want to address.

It’s time to rethink how we set goals for the new year.

Stay tuned all of January for even more and let us know, what do you want to reset for 2020?

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