Regina councillor introduces recreation plan for Dewdney Ave rail yard

Regina councillor Jerry Flegel is gauging feedback on a plan to develop a recreation hub at the vacant rail yard on Dewdney Avenue. File/ Global News

A Regina city councillor has his own idea when it comes to development in the vacant rail yard along Dewdney Avenue.

Jerry Flegel has created a plan for the land focused on livening up the area.

“What I want to do is to create a sport, culture and recreation facility that is going to enhance the area and bring 1,000 to 1,500 people down per event,” Flegel said.

“[Whether] it’s a ball game with the [Regina] Red Sox, or a permanent farmer’s market…it’s a matter of bringing people into the city.”
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Right now, the city has a plan in place that would see the land used for condos and office space, but has no time frame in place.

“In a lot of people’s mind, it’s not viable…it’s going to take too long,” Flegel said.

“From what we have been told by developers we have enough housing, we have office space…and now we need to build a community to come to that centre and grow from there.”

Due to the loudness of the trains in the rail yard, Flegel said putting up residential may cause problems.

“I was just out there [Thursday] morning, and the trains started going and it was like a machine gun went off,” Flegel said.

“Let’s have something where people can go and have fun, be a community, tie it into the downtown.”

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Rather than having a builder pay the city to develop residential services, Flegel’s plan does mean it would be up to the city to cover costs.

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“We got to find some money, we got to do some budgeting – figure out where it’s all going to come from, and it may be a long-term plan,” Flegel said.

“[Council is talking about doing some remediation of land next year…I would be optimistic for 2021.”

Flegel is looking for community feedback before bringing it forward to council. He hopes to do that by May or June.

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