1-day walkout would result in closure of all Thames Valley high schools: board

OSSTF announces one day strike Dec. 4
Thousands of secondary school teachers and support staff will walk off the job on Wednesday if a deal is not reached. Erica Vella has details on negotiations.

The Thames Valley District School Board says if the teachers’ union moves forward with a one-day walkout on Wednesday, Dec. 4 then the board would have “no other option but to close all secondary schools to students.”

In a statement released Friday, the board said the decision is for the safety of students.

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“We are hopeful that an agreement will be reached before the planned province-wide walkout on December 4,” said Jeff Pratt, associate director of organizational support services withthe TVDSB.

“Student achievement and well-being remain our priority. As such, TVDSB has no other option but to close all secondary schools to students as there would not be sufficient supervision to ensure student safety.”

The closures would also include adult and continuing education schools. Any out-of-school activities scheduled for that day — like field trips and sporting events — would also be cancelled.

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The board is encouraging parents and guardians to make alternate arrangements for their children if necessary.

The proposed walkout by members of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) would have no impact on elementary schools whose teaching staff are part of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO).