Brescia University College launches $10M fundraising campaign

Currently, the campaign has raised $2.2 million to date. 980 CFPL

London’s women’s college is celebrating its 100th birthday by giving back to its students.

Brescia University College officially launched its LEAD WITH US campaign on Sunday in hopes of boosting facilities, financial aid, mental health and research resources.

The Catholic liberal arts institution was built in 1919, and Brescia alumna and Campaign Chair, Erin Rankin Nash said the college – as well as women’s right to education – have come a long way compared to just 100 years ago.

“[In] 1919, when the Ursuline Sisters decided to build an education institution that would help women… [they] weren’t almost even considered people back then.”
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Rankin Nash told Global News Brescia’s 5-year campaign is reaching for a goal of $10 million, which will support four distinct priorities, the first being Brescia’s new Academic Pavilion which will facilitate Food and Nutrition research labs.

According to Rankin Nash, the research that’s conducted in Brescia’s research labs produces ‘groundbreaking’ results.

“One of the things that [researchers at Brescia] did recently is they were participants in one of the studies that [researched] probiotic qualities of yogurt in our stomachs,” Rankin Nash said.
“They were trying to help Africa and all the issues that people were having in Africa with stomach and digestion. There were researchers here at Brescia that helped to develop that probiotic bacteria that would help those who are [struggling].”

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Enhancing financial aid and scholarships is another priority.

“At Brescia every year, we give out $1.8 million worth of scholarships, and we want to maintain that, and maybe even increase it which will be wonderful,” said Rankin Nash.

Additional services to improve student experience such as an increase in wellness programs and international learning opportunities will also see improvement.

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Finally, Rankin Nash said continuing Brescia’s legacy of empowering women to lead is a significant aspect of the school’s identity and a major goal of this campaign.

“We want to develop leadership skills in women right from the get-go, so no matter what they’re going to do in their lives, they have this value skill-set that they can keep improving as they transition through their lives.”

The campaign has raised $2.2 million to date.

The Ursuline Sisters of Chatham, Ontario donated $1 million, an individual has committed $500,000 and two individuals who have committed $125,000.

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