Brockville Aquatarium welcomes newest arrival Justin Beaver

Click to play video: 'Aquatarium otter dies after dental surgery, but a new beaver will soon be on display' Aquatarium otter dies after dental surgery, but a new beaver will soon be on display
Aquatarium staff mourn the loss of one of their river otters, but are excited about the arrival of a beaver soon to be unveiled at the Brockville facility – Oct 8, 2019

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster for the staff at Brockville’s Aquatarium.

Last week, their female river otter named Ivy died.

The Aquatarium’s senior aquarist, Jen Carter, says Ivy needed dental surgery.

“She did amazing through the entire procedure. Unfortunately, she just didn’t wake up from the anesthetic, which happens often in river otters.”

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Carter says staff are upset but take solace that Ivy, a rescue, played a pivotal role in educating the public.

“She was an amazing ambassador for us. Thousands of guests would have not otherwise had the experience of learning about river otters and how important they are to our ecosystem.”

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This tragic news comes as the Aquatarium took possession of another rescue animal, an 18-month-old beaver.

Staff have named him Justin Beaver.

Carter says the tongue-in-cheek name is in keeping with past names given to other animals.

“We have Tina Turtle, we have two longnose gar that are Simon and Garfunkel.”

Carter says the young male beaver was saved by Quebec provincial authorities.

“He grew up in a bathtub.”

Justin Beaver was then taken to Park Safari just outside Montreal.

“They were the ones who brought him back to life, he was malnourished, he was underweight.”

Staff are busy completing Justin Beaver’s new habitat for his unveiling to the public this Friday.

The event, called Grand Justin Reveal, gets underway Oct. 11 at 12:30 p.m.


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