Jon Voight supports Donald Trump… again

(L-R) Jon Voight and Donald Trump.
(L-R) Jon Voight and Donald Trump. CP Images Archive

Following the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight has taken to social media to once again defend the Republican U.S. President.

After a highly controversial phone call leaked with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Trump was accused of pressuring the Eastern European leader into helping him investigate 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, while at the same time withholding millions in military aid to Ukraine.

As a result, Nancy Pelosi announced the U.S. House of Representatives’ decision to launch an impeachment inquiry on Sept. 24.

In response to this, Voight, 80, posted a video to Twitter sharing his support to the President. The two-minute, 14 second rant quickly went viral on the social media platform.

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WATCH: Jon Voight’s reaction to the formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump

He called the situation, “a war against the highest noble man, who has defended our country and made us safe and great again.”

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The Deliverance star has proved himself to be a longtime supporter of Trump’s in the last couple of years.

Not only did he attend the 2017 presidential inauguration but he has commended Trump as the “greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

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Variety caught up with the actor on Monday evening asking about his decision to share the controversial video. In response, Voight began: “Somebody’s got to protect the truth, so I stood up and said what I had to say.”

When asked if he thinks he’ll continue to support Trump in the current situation, Voight replied, “I’m all for Donald Trump and I’ve said many things about that, and I will continue to support him.”

“I feel that the democrats are trying to find ways to take down this president. I think it’s a crime — period,” he added.

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Voight continued: “I think that they can’t accept the election results with Hillary [Clinton] losing; they can’t accept it. They’re fighting to take down the duly elected President of the United States.”
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On what evidence it would take to get him to believe that Trump was attempting collusion with Zelenskiy, Voight ignored the question and claimed that he had read the White House’s entire transcript of the phone call — which was released last Wednesday.

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“I looked into it a little bit,” he said, “and most of the people who have talked about it, have not [read the transcript].”
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“Even people like Nancy Pelosi,” he claimed. “You think she would read the transcript, but she did not. She announced that she didn’t read the transcript and then went on to talk about impeachment.”

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Voight concluded: “There’s a lot going on that’s wrong, and it’s got to be corrected. I’m hopeful, in my lifetime, that I’ll see a correction.”

In response to Variety’s interview and his prior video rant, Voight received an abundance of mixed responses — some supporting his thoughts and Trump’s actions, and others protesting them.