Highway 7 twinning between Saskatoon and Delisle nears completion

The third phase of the $66-million Highway 7 twinning project will open to traffic by Sept. 30. Nathaniel Dove / Global News

The twinning of Highway 7 between Saskatoon and Delisle is almost complete.

The Saskatchewan government said the third phase of the $66-million twinning project will open to traffic by Sept. 30.

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It will mark the end of the 31-kilometre twinning project that started over four years ago.

“Our community is excited about the completion of the highway project,” Vanscoy Mayor Robin Odnokon said Monday in a statement.

“It will provide safety for our local commuters and all residents who travel the highway.  We are very pleased to see this twinning project complete.”

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Phase one of the project — nine kilometres of twinned highway between Saskatoon and Vanscoy, opened to traffic in October 2016.

Phase two was completed in July 2018 and involved 12 kilometres of twinning between Vanscoy and Delisle.

“It will prove to be a major safety improvement for our residents and future residents who travel to Saskatoon for work and appointments,” Delisle Mayor Dave Anderchek said.

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Phase three involved 12 kilometres of new lanes around Vanscoy.

“Highway 7 is a busy corridor for commuters and shippers who transport goods to national and international markets,” Health Minister Jim Reiter said.

“This twinning project, and the new passing lanes between Delisle and Kindersley, provides more opportunities to pass safely which helps traffic flow efficiently.”

Officials said traffic on Highway 7 has increased by about 20 per cent over the last 10 years.

The highway is a key route between Saskatoon and Calgary.

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