Water restrictions for parts of Kelowna

Click to play video 'Water restrictions for parts of Kelowna' Water restrictions for parts of Kelowna

All properties south of Mission Creek are on stage four water restrictions, which means water can not be used outdoors including watering lawns and gardens.

The restrictions are in effect following a mechanical failure late Wednesday at the Eldorado pump station.

For residents and businesses in the area, this means that strict water use restrictions are necessary to maintain critical supply. Water may only be used indoors as needed for drinking, cooking and sanitary purposes.

“We need residents and business owners in this area to be quite strict in their water use and only use water indoors as needed,” says Kevin Van Vliet, Utility Services Manager. “The restriction is expected to last until Thursday evening.”

A Stage Four water restriction prohibits the use of supplied water for the following purposes:

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  • Lawn and aesthetic garden watering including automatic sprinkler systems and hand-held watering
  • Cleaning outdoor surfaces including driveways, decks, patios and artificial turf
  • Washing vehicles, boats, ATV’s and any other form of automobiles
  • Filling or refilling pools, garden ponds or any other form of water features
  • Watering food gardens, fruit trees and shrubs