2019 Canada election results: Cowichan-Malahat-Langford

Alistair MacGregor of the NDP has been re-elected in the riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, earning 36.2 per cent of the vote.

MacGregor defeated Conservative Alana DeLong and Lydia Hwitsum of the Greens.

NDP MP Jean Crowder was the local representative for much of the riding from 2004 until 2015.

MacGregor moved from working in Crowder’s constituency office to becoming MP himself, registering a decisive 2015 victory in the riding that bridges the Capital Region District to mid-Vancouver Island.

The Conservatives were eyeing this NDP seat by running DeLong, who served four terms in Edmonton as a Progressive Conservative.


NDP: Alistair MacGregor
Liberal: Blair Herbert
Conservative: Alana DeLong
Green: Lydia Hwitsum
People’s Party of Canada: Rhonda Chen


The riding cover Duncan, Lake Cowichan, North Cowichan, Langford, Highlands, Cowichan Indian Reserve and Penelakut Island Indian Reserve No. 7. Dayman Island, Hudson Island, Leech Island, Miami Islet, Penelakut Island, Ragged Islets, Reid Island, Rose Islets, Scott Island, Tent Island and Thetis Island are also included.

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European: 83,195, 78.5 per cent
Aboriginal: 11,450, 10.8 per cent
South Asian: 2,160, 2 per cent
Chinese: 1,380, 1.3 per cent

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