Construction on Crowchild Trail likely to last longer than expected

WATCH ABOVE: Drivers will have to wait longer than originally anticipated for construction on Crowchild Trail to wrap up. Doug Vaessen has details from The City of Calgary.

Calgary drivers will most likely have to wait longer than expected for construction on Crowchild Trail to be completed.

Although the City of Calgary had anticipated $87 million in upgrades to the thoroughfare would be finished by the fall, construction on a key component won’t be completed until 2020.

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Speaking with Global News on Tuesday, senior transportation engineer with the City of Calgary Jeff Baird said crews have been busy this summer and aren’t slowing down.

“There’s some structural work, some rehabilitation to do, south of the river … But the structural work to widen the bridge over the river is complete,” Baird said. “Three of the four bridges are going to be wrapping up here right away – and then it’s just a focus on the remaining bridge work on the river and south.”

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The work that will spill into 2020 includes the construction of a northbound and a southbound lane on Crowchild Trail over the river.

“The final piece of that puzzle is the intersection at Kensington and Crowchild,” Baird added. “They’re wrapping up likely this week, and will activate that signal in a couple weeks.

“The focus is going to be over the river and just south of the river.

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“We’re still going to push through and see how much we can get done this year, and then evaluate things at the end and see how 2020 will look,” Baird added.

“Hopefully everyone can remain patient with us.”