2019 Canada election results: Marc-Aurèle-Fortin

Global News has declared Liberal Yves Robillard re-elected in the riding of Marc-Aurele-Fortin.

Robillard won the riding in 2015 with 41.02 per cent of the vote.

Boundaries: Communities on the western side of Rivière des Mille-Îles have been moved out of this redefined riding. It now includes only Laval neighbourhoods, including Auteuil and Sainte-Rose, the eastern part of the neighbourhood of Fabreville, and the western part of Vimont.

History: This riding was originally created in 2004, with voters sending Bloc Québécois MP Serge Ménard to Ottawa in three straight elections. Prior to the NDP victory in 2011, the party’s best finish was in 2008, when their candidate finished third with 12 per cent of the vote.


Liberal: Yves Robillard (Incumbent)

Bloc Québécois: Lizabel Nitoi

Green: Bao Tran Le

NDP: Ali Faour

Conservative: Sonia Baudelot

PPC: Émilio Migliozzi


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