2019 Canada election results: Nickel Belt

Global News has declared incumbent Marc Serré as the winner in the riding of Nickel Belt.


Liberals: Marc Serré (Incumbent)
Conservatives: Aino Laamanen
NDP: Stef Paquette
Green: Casey Lalonde
People’s Party: Mikko Paavola

For decades, voters in the riding of Nickel Belt have seesawed between electing a Liberal and a New Democrat to the House of Commons. Typically, those two parties have scored the highest number of votes in federal election races, although, in 2011, the Conservative candidate came in second.

The NDP held the riding between 2008 and 2015, at which point Marc Serré (son of a previous Nickel Belt MP) reclaimed the riding for the Liberal party with just shy of 43 per cent of the vote.

Serré, formerly a manager of Eastlink’s business sales division in Ontario and Quebec, is running for re-election in 2019. He will face off against his 2015 Conservative rival Aino Laamanen, who formerly co-managed a construction company, and NDP candidate Stef Paquette, a teacher and multidisciplinary artist.

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Here’s how the votes broke down in 2015:

  • Liberals: 21,021
  • NDP: 18,556
  • Conservatives: 8,221
  • Green: 1,217

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