Windsor park residents concerned about vandalism in neighbourhood

A shattered bus shack in Windsor Park.
A shattered bus shack in Windsor Park. Laurie Emme / Facebook

Two Windsor Park residents are hoping to bring the community together for a meeting in September to talk about rising property crime.

“A lot of vandalism on a nightly basis,” said one of the organizers, Corinne Delannoy. “Cars being broken into, bikes being stolen. Just regular vandalism every day.”

Delannoy and co-organizer Kristopher Whittaker have created the “Take Back Windsor Park” campaign in the neighbourhood’s Facebook group.

They are inviting residents in and around the area to come together and try to solve the problems in their community.

“We’ve started to have meth, used needles discovered in the neighbourhood,” said Whittaker.

“That’s very concerning to me because I have children.”

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The group has also reached out to Bear Clan Patrol’s James Favel, who will help set up a plan with the aim of reducing crime in the area.

“All communities are feeling the same impacts from it, and we’re gonna do our best to try and help that out,” Favel said.

As for Delannoy and Whittaker, they hope that they can help curb the shattered bus shacks and meth needles soon.

“We have to be much more vigilant in what we do around the house to protect ourselves from the property crimes that are happening,” Whittaker said.

The meeting takes place on Sept. 4 at Winakwa Community Centre.

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