Music flows through Vernon for the fourth annual Classical Music Festival

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Music fills air of Vernon for Classical Music Festival
The fourth annual Classical Music Festival has taken over Vernon. The festival organizer created the event to make classical music more accessible to all and give people the chance to discover it for themselves – Jul 14, 2019

The air in Vernon is filled with music because of the fourth annual Classical Music Festival.

The festival began June 29 and gives observers the chance to join in with special workshops and masterclasses to hone their craft.

Organizer, Natalia Polchenko said she created the festival to give classical music lovers the chance to enjoy it all summer long while expanding their knowledge of the many different branches of classical music.

“When you are at a live concert nothing can compare to it because when you have recordings of the best performer it does not compare with sitting there and feeling it there is something else besides the vibrations,” said Polchenko.

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The festival makes classical music accessible for any who wishes to enjoy it; the Oregon Renaissance Band Trio has returned to perform and give a lesson on the recorder.

“People know Baroque music but there’s a whole world before that the Renaissance and the Medieval and I think it’s important that we go out and introduce people to the music and educate them,” said Laura Kuhlman, member of the trio.

The 16th Century instrument, something that most will remember from their childhood is essential to Renaissance music that was actually born to contrast Medieval music, which was filled with rules and clashing notes, to be gentler and smoother on the ear.

“Renaissance music is where my heart lies I have to say. To me it’s all about the group, the ensemble playing and really interacting with the person or the people within. It’s very vocal oriented,” said Kuhlman.

“Each person is super important to make the music work.”

The festival will continue through to Aug. 4  a full schedule of events is available at

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